On-Demand Medical Courier Services

Envision each package managed with the meticulousness of a healthcare expert. Our next-gen technology oversees tracking and fulfillment, while our committed drivers ensure each delivery is made with compassion. As a one-stop-shop for all your courier needs, we're transforming medical logistics into a patient-focused experience.
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Excellence Delivered to Every Patient

We are honored to serve a diverse range of clients who entrust us to perform the full spectrum of medical courier services. Our streamlined operations allow us to optimize reliability and client satisfaction, ensuring that patient-care remains our unwavering focus.

We're not just filling the blatant gap in reliability‚ÄĒwe're setting the standard. We don‚Äôt just see orders; we see patients waiting for care. Each delivery is a promise of health.

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A laptop screen displaying the carGO Health web application with a map showing a delivery route and a list of orders in progress.
surajit dhara
Surajit Dhara, Ph.D.
Episteme Prognostics, Inc.
We are very happy with the service of transporting bio-specimens provided by carGO Health and look forward to continuing our partnership. We are extremely satisfied with the entire process, including  prompt responses, transparency (tracking), adherence to pick-up and delivery time-windows and transporting the bio-specimens at the right temperature. I would give them a 10/10!
Michael DeFrancisco
Michael DeFrancisco
Logistics Coordinator,
Pathline Labs
I've found carGO Health to be an absolute game-changer for my everyday needs. Placing orders is a breeze, and I can always monitor and track my orders in real-time without any hassle. It's rare I ever need to reach out, thanks to their straightforward online portal. With carGO’s reliable and transparent service, I'm always at ease knowing everything's handled perfectly.
jocelyn saavedra
Jocelyn Saavedra
Pharmacy Technician,
VLS Pharmacy
We have been using carGO since 2021 and I can't recommend them enough! It's comforting to know that the team is professional, friendly, and genuinely cares and prioritizes the patient. They go above and beyond to ensure medications are delivered on-time, with real-time updates and impeccable attention to detail. Thank you carGO, for your outstanding service and for making my life so much easier!
Ben McWherter
Ben McWherter
Logistics Specialist,
Inform Diagnostics
Working with carGO Health is effortless! Their responsive service and user-friendly portal provide immediate access to all necessary information. carGO's punctuality, even in busy areas, goes unmatched. Questions are quickly addressed by checking orders on their portal for driver insights. The team is proactive to resolve any issues. We're extremely satisfied with their efficient and professional service, benefiting us and our clients.
Taylor Quan
Taylor Quan
Logistics Manager,
Fulgent Genetics
carGO Health has one of the best turnaround services and flexibility. Their operations team and drivers go above and beyond to insure good standings with our clients on a daily basis.

Simplified Deliveries: Where Technology Meets Compassion

Explore the Future of Medical Logistics with Our Next-Gen Courier Services. Our cutting-edge technology and compassionate approach boost delivery efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our streamlined operations allow us to optimize reliability and client satisfaction, ensuring that patient care remains our unwavering focus.

Guaranteed safe and efficient transport of medical items, enhancing patient-care quality.
Real-time tracking and notifications enhance operational transparency and coordination.
Adherence to HIPAA & OSHA standards ensures the highest levels of patient privacy and safety.
Our secure chain-of-custody for medical deliveries maintains the highest levels of integrity and trust.
Simply place your order, receive notifications and tracking updates for both you and your customers, and eliminate any concerns about delivery.
24/7/365 driver coverage and support ensures timely medical deliveries for optimal patient outcomes.
Competitive pricing offers a more affordable alternative to traditional in-house and courier services.
Advanced analytics provide actionable insights for optimizing routes and reducing delivery costs.
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Our Services

What We Deliver

Medical Specimens

Blood Products

Cells, Organs, & Tissues

Clinical Trial Materials


Medical Supplies & Equipment

We specialize in the efficient transportation of the entire spectrum of essential medical items, ensuring secure and timely fulfillment tailored to diverse healthcare needs.

Our professional couriers, certified in HIPAA and OSHA standards, uphold the highest levels of confidentiality and safety. They are fully equipped with the necessary tools, wear uniforms, and badges for visibility, presenting a polished image of your institution with every delivery.

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Every Order Tells a Story

Our app crafts a narrative for each order, from placement to delivery, by integrating data inputs from customers and drivers. This feature creates a comprehensive "Activity Log" timeline that traces the journey of the samples, allowing for transparency and accountability throughout their transport.

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Patient Care-Logistics:
Order, Get Notified, Track and Enjoy Peace of Mind
Order Placement

Order Placement

Within moments, you can input order details such as pick-up and delivery time frames, along with any specific instructions.

AI-Powered Driver Dispatching

AI-Powered Dispatching

Utilizing our dynamic courier system, the most suitable driver will swiftly head to the pick-up point shortly after dispatch.

Real-Time Pick-up ETA

Real-Time Pick-up ETA

Both you and the recipients, whether it's a medical facility or patient, will receive precise updates on the driver's expected arrival time.

Pick-up Confirmation

Pick-up Confirmation

Drivers adhere to your specified pick-up procedures, ensuring all necessary data is captured for a complete chain of custody.

Real-Time Delivery ETA

Real-Time Delivery ETA

You and the recipients, whether lab staff or patient, will be informed of the exact time the delivery is anticipated.

Delivery Confirmation

Delivery Confirmation

Through multiple validation processes, we guarantee the secure and dependable delivery of your packages, completing the full-chain-of custody.

carGO Health:
Your One-Stop-Shop Medical Courier Service

In the demanding landscape of healthcare logistics, we understand the frustrations and challenges you face in ensuring timely and secure delivery of medical packages.

Our ultimate goal has always been clear: to be an extension of your team, allowing you to focus on core tasks, confident that we're handling all your courier needs. Our commitment is unyielding, driving us to refine our processes, our specialized fleet, and our medical delivery software technology.


Patient-Centric Approach

Our unwavering commitment to patient-care logistics sets us apart. We recognize the importance of timely and secure deliveries in healthcare, and every aspect of our service is geared towards supporting this mission.

A woman signing on a tablet while receiving a package from a medical courier.

Medical Courier Specialization

Unlike traditional courier companies, we
focus exclusively on medical courier services. This specialization allows us to deeply understand the unique requirements of transporting medical 
specimens, pharmaceuticals, and equipment.

A delivery driver while driving a vehicle with packages in the front seat.

Innovative Operations

We've revolutionized the courier process by
introducing dynamic routing algorithms. Instead of static routes, we optimize driver assignments in real-time, ensuring maximum efficiency and faster
turnaround times.

Map showing a delivery route
Maximizing Efficiency and Cost Savings

Transparent Pricing Model

Our pricing model is transparent and fair. We
calculate costs from the bottom up and offer competitive rates to our clients. As your volume increases, so do the opportunities for cost optimization, resulting in even more favorable pricing.

A doctor using a laptop to enter delivery details on the carGO Health web application.

Professional Fleet

Our drivers are highly trained and certified professionals
equipped with uniforms. With years of experience in medical courier services,
they understand the importance of adherence to protocol and professionalism
in every interaction.

A medical courier sitting in a car, holding a phone and a labeled package.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance our services. Our drivers upload detailed pickup data, enabling 
seamless transitions for subsequent pickups and ensuring accurate specimen

A driver holding a smartphone displaying an order details screen of the carGO Health app.
customer support

Dedicated Support

We provide round-the-clock support to address any concerns or inquiries you may have. Our team is always available to provide assistance and ensure smooth operations.

A smiling customer support representative wearing a headset, looking at a laptop screen.
module application

Customizable Solutions

Recognizing that each healthcare provider has unique needs, we offer customizable courier solutions tailored to your specific
requirements. Our services are designed to meet your exact needs, ensuring 
maximum efficiency and reliability.

A doctor using a laptop to enter delivery details on the carGO Health web application.

The Healthcare Industry's End-to-End Medical Delivery Platform

Your Trusted Partner for Medical Logistics in the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic

Leveraging a robust network of over 80 strategically positioned drivers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, our agile "floating-courier" network guarantees instant, reliable, and efficient medical courier services for healthcare providers, labs, pharmacies, and patients alike.

Our service ensures timely and secure delivery of lab samples, medical records, and essential supplies, enhancing patient care through efficient logistics support.
We offer comprehensive logistics solutions for hospitals, including emergency deliveries, interdepartmental transfers, and the transport of sensitive specimens, ensuring continuity of care.
Specializing in the transport of lab samples, our couriers maintain the integrity of specimens with strict adherence to temperature controls and handling protocols, facilitating accurate and timely results.
Our couriers provide critical support for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, handling sensitive materials, clinical trial logistics, and regulatory compliance with precision and care.
With specialized transport solutions for blood and blood products, we ensure these critical materials are delivered under the required conditions, supporting life-saving transfusions and treatments.
Recognizing the sensitivity of reproductive materials, our services offer secure and compassionate handling of specimens, ensuring they reach their destination in optimal condition.
We support the unique needs of long-term care facilities by providing reliable delivery of lab specimens and pharmaceuticals, enhancing the quality of care for residents.
Our courier services cater to dental labs with prompt and careful transport of dental molds, equipment, and supplies, ensuring dental practices can provide timely patient care.
We facilitate the critical delivery of medications and supplies to infusion centers, ensuring patients receive their treatments without delay in a controlled environment.
Our services are tailored to specialty pharmacies, offering secure, temperature-controlled transport of high-cost medications, ensuring they reach patients in perfect condition.
Extending our services to veterinary clinics, we ensure timely delivery of veterinary samples, medications, and supplies, supporting the health and well-being of animals.
Supporting the advancement of medical research, our couriers provide secure and efficient transport of research samples and sensitive materials, contributing to scientific breakthroughs and innovation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

carGO Health stands out with our medical-only courier services, ensuring safety, compliance, and tailored care. Our couriers are fully uniformed and trained to handle medical packages, while utilizing our custom driver mobile app, combined for unparalleled service for every order.

Absolutely. We specialize in STAT (emergency) and same-day deliveries, leveraging our network for rapid, reliable medical deliveries. We also offer recurring orders and routes.

Yes, we provide real-time tracking for all shipments, offering you and your clients visibility and peace of mind from order placement to delivery.

Our couriers are trained and certified, adhering to HIPAA and OSHA standards, with ongoing education in safety and handling. Our drivers are also fully uniformed!

Reach out today. Whether you want to use us as a back-up or if you want to place daily orders with us, we will get you set-up so you can place your first order within minutes!

We use a variety of vehicles, including sedans, vans, and bikes, to accommodate any size or type of medical delivery.

Our logistics expertise and technology streamline operations, cutting costs and delivery times, offering a more efficient alternative to in-house drivers and even outdated courier service providers.

Onboarding onto the carGO Health platform is seamless, ensuring our services enhance your processes smoothly. It’s quick and easy to get set-up, and you’ll be able to place your first order within minutes!

We serve the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, and are expanding. Let us know where you need us, and we'll explore how we can assist you.

Our pricing is tailored, based on delivery type, distance, and your needs, benefiting from our platform's volume. Contact us for a detailed quote.